Rap Legal Advice

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what are the big 3 antitrust laws Big 3 Antitrust Laws
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Yo, listen up, let me lay it down
All these legal topics gonna make you feel like a clown
Whether it’s small business or vehicle purchase
You gotta know the rules, don’t be nervous

When you’re writing a blog, follow the blog writing rules
Make it legal and follow the tools
Got an Xbox and need to know the terms
Don’t be a fool, read the conditions and learn

Understand the common rules and the big 3 antitrust laws
Don’t get caught up in legal flaws
Use legal Lego techniques to build your case
And get advice from Laura, the CNN legal ace

Floridians, if you’re an electrical pro
Gotta meet the license requirements so
And when you’re a guest at the Hilton hotel
Better know the guest rules and regulations well

So there you have it, my rap legal advice
Hope it helps you out and sounds real nice
Now go out there and handle your business right
Make sure your legal game is out of sight!